Publications & Research


  • Meijers, M.J. & Zaslove, A. (2020) “Measuring Populism in Political Parties: Appraisal of a New Approach”, Comparative Political Studies. [Accepted for publication]. Preprint. Appendix.

Work in Progress

  • Meijers, M.J., van der Veer, H. & Zaslove, A. “Competition in the EP in Times of Populism: An Analysis of the Eight EP Term”. Prepared for the workshop: “Democratic backsliding in Europe: Theoretical and empirical perspectives” 4 and 5 December 2019, Sciences Po Paris.
  • Meijers, M.J., Rooduijn, M. & Zaslove, A. “Explaining Support for Different Types of Populist Parties” [working title].